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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

hip hip hooray!

Regular readers of my blog will know that last month I entered a sketching contest held by Adonit, creator of the Jot stylus for touch screens. The theme of the contest was "favourite movie scenes" and I did a sketch from Bombon el Perro, in which the main character is a dog (of course). Well, thanks to many artist friends and animal supporter friends on Facebook I was able to finish in second place which is worth US$300. Hip hip hooray! Originally I had said I would share any winnings with the dog shelter where many of my friends live, but in order to provide a greater incentive for people to vote I decided to give all the money to three animal shelters here in the Algarve.

Now I've entered Adonit's October sketching contest and the theme is "monsters". My entry is called "Here Kitty Kitty".

Once again I will donate any money I win to the animal shelters. I may need more support from some other shelters in order to secure a win and if I do I will share the winnings with them too. If any of you have a connection to a particular shelter and you can rally the Facebook followers to vote, let me know. First prize is US$500. It seems that Adonit plans to hold this competition every month so it's conceivable that with strong, consistent support, I (we) could earn $500 each month to donate to needy animals!

Here's the link to the voting site. http://a.pgtb.me/8vDc2D

You can vote once every 24 hours so bookmark the link or this blog post to make it easy to go back to each day. You can also hit the "share" button that is at the bottom of my entry on the contest page. It's a simple thing that you can do to make a big difference for many animals. (Sometimes it doesn't accept your vote even if you've waited the 24 hours, but when that happens to me I just wait a while and try again. Just keep an eye on the little box with the number and see if the number changes when you vote. If it doesn't, try again later.)

So if you could work any Internet magic available to you (share this post, bribe your relatives, whatever it takes) we furry friends would be eternally grateful. Obrigado, thank you, gracias, danke, arrrooof, esker, tack, dekuji, dank u, kiitos, paldies, 'a d'anq, tak, salamat, merci, arigatō, and many more.

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