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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes we just think with our stomachs.

Boy oh boy. Sometimes Rita just goes off the deep end. Remember a few weeks ago she had fallen into a real funk because one of her favourite snack spots was closing? Well, her hysteria was a tad misplaced.

The confusion started with Rita going to the Alentejo with her person for a couple of days. They got back to Lagos on a Monday, but Rita thought it was Tuesday. She’d lost track of time while she’d been away. On Mondays News Café is closed. This is the one day of the week when the staff takes a holiday. Rita knows this. But when she went on her snack round the Monday after she’d gotten back from the Alentejo and saw News Café closed, she flipped out. She thought it was Tuesday, not Monday, and in her mind the café should have been open. And of course the fact that there was a for sale sign in the window didn’t help. But eventually Rita’s person was able to explain to her that yes, there is a vende–se sign up and the owner is entertaining the idea of selling, but he’s put such a ridiculously high price on it, it seems pretty unlikely that he actually wants to sell it.

So, crisis averted. Until now.  Another one of her snack cafés has closed. Permanently. And now Rita is inconsolable. Again.
This is the café that is closed.
My thought is that diversion is the best medicine and the best diversion for Rita is food. I’ve made a pact with Rita that we will have a special snack date every couple of days right in front of the recently closed café.
Rita, thinking with her stomach

We’ll keep this up until I can gradually wean her off needing to have a snack there. Bit by bit, bite by bite, I’ll make the snacks smaller and less tasty until she really has no particular urge for snacks at that spot. I know that Rita is smart and should see through this ruse, but sometimes we dogs just think with our stomachs. Wish me luck!

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