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Friday, March 18, 2011

emus make me smile

sketchbook emu
After yesterday's sad post I decided I needed something to lighten the mood. This is a pen and watercolour sketch I did at the zoo in Barao de Sao Joao. How can you look at an emu and not smile?  At least he made me smile until he poked me in the head when I was focused too much on my sketchbook and not enough on him! And if that doesn't lift your spirits, try this: the Muppets sing Oh Danny Boy


  1. I love the Emu sketch. Also it is very interesting to me how you integrate digital and analog art.

  2. Hey, thanks Rebecca! Yeah, the whole mix of digital and analogue is a lot of fun and a challenging learning curve too. I find it interesting how my messing around in digital media (using various drawing and painting apps) has changed the way I approach analogue drawing.


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