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Friday, March 25, 2011

yoga for dogs

illustrated journal sketch - colour pencil
Gorda is a collared dog who wears no collar. She lives in Burgau. She likes yoga and fresh garbage. And not-so-fresh garbage. She is one very happy-go-lucky dog and will hang around with anyone (dog or human) who gives the slightest indication that her company would be welcome. Aren't we all like that in a way?


  1. My dog enjoys it when I do yoga, particularly when I expose my belly to him as it is a sign of submission, or when I do a bowing stretch, that to a dog, is an invitation to play-playbow. What's most fun to me is when I stand on my head and need to support myself with my two arms, the dog then licks my face mercilessly, in a perfect coup d' etat !

  2. Yes, a vulnerable upside down person face would be hard to resist! I like the thought of you and your dog (dogs? Cash and Pascual?)enjoying yoga together.


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