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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lisbon or bust


sketch of busts on buildings in Lisbon
Derwent Coloursoft pencils

I’ve been trying out some Derwent  Coloursoft Pencils. The sketches above are of buildings in Lisbon. I had the chance to sneak a ride up with my friend Charlie's people a while ago. So, I did the sketches first very lightly then I went over them with a different colour for each bust. I used Mid Brown and Brown Earth for the regal lady, Indigo for the bearded man and Yellow Green for the ferocious lion. I was looking at them today and decided to add some watercolour wash on them to see if I could perk them up. The brown behaved as I expected but when I got to putting blue wash on the man, the Indigo pencil lines started to bleed.

same sketch as above but with added watercolour washes

Hmmm. I thought these were wax pencils and assumed they would resist the watercolour.  Looks like I need to do some experimenting.

Derwent Coloursoft pencils on pale yellowish paper

The first two columns are just the pencils. The third and fourth column have clean water wash over the swatches. So there you have it. Some of the colours definitely bleed, others bleed just a bit and a few don't really at all. What does this mean? I don't know. I'm just a dog. I do something and it pleases me, I wag my tail. Is my tail wagging now? Sure, why not? Messing around with art supplies sure beats barking for a living!


  1. Brilliant sketches and interesting investigations. Looks like you're having fun!

  2. Looks like you enjoyed your trip to Lisbon. Mum and Dad have been there a couple of times, years ago, and thought it was a wonderful city....mum wishes she had done more sketches back then!

  3. Love those sketches...flawless line quality

  4. Lovely sketches and I really like those pencils.
    I have been having a look around, very fun blog.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog and the link. I will be back.

  5. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback!

    Lisbon is a fun city for sketching. There are lots of dogs there too. I made a few friends but some were rather unapproachable. I'll elaborate on that in another post.

  6. These sketches are unbelievable! Very well done. You have keen paws.

  7. what a delightful blog!! thank you for visiting mine, i'm so glad your visit led me to yours. a wonderful escape, beautiful drawings and thoughtful musings! i'm hooked.

  8. Thanks very much Dan!

    And Suzanne thanks for dropping by and for the compliments.


  9. Thank you first for leaving a comment on my blog.. 'cause that lead me here! You have such a wonderful blog! I have been hanging around from evening, and I have to say, I am enjoying it! I'll keep visiting..!


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