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Saturday, July 23, 2011

more sneaking around in Lisbon

more Lisbon graffiti

Well, Crème and I have been having a great time in Lisbon. There’s a whole street that’s almost nothing but restaurantes and they all have outdoor seating so it’s easy for us to pick up tasty morsels here and there. Sometimes we’ll do a little melodrama to get some extra nibbles from gullible tourists. Crème has a bit of a bum back leg and she really knows how and when to play it up to her advantage. I do a good impersonation of dog-tired and since I’m pretty skinny they think I must really be starving. Little do they know that I just have good genes.  I’m a lean, mean snuzzle machine!

One woman from Holland actually invited me to sit at the table with her which was fine until the restaurante man shooed me away - but not before I got a good mouthful of perceves.

steaming hot perceves

I think these are called goose barnacles in English. They’re a very tasty shellfish, but a little awkward for me to handle with my paws. I have to trap the sharp end between my paws and nibble and chew the meaty end to get all the good bits. It’s a bit of work but it’s worth it!

As I mentioned yesterday, Crème and I continued our stealth activity by joining the Urban Sketchers at Praça do Comerçio. I did a sketch on the way there first though.
a street leading to Praca do Comercio, ink and watercolour

Once there it was easy to stay in”dog”nito while the people sketched. I might as well have been invisible! It was much like yesterday with two men (different ones than yesterday) doing a lot of talking and pointing, and about 20 people absorbing everything they had to say. The men spent some time walking around looking at the sketchbooks and making comments. It was such a fun atmosphere with everyone sharing in the whole sketching experience. I was so tempted to do something to attract the attention of one of the men. I wonder what insights they might have had for me and my sketching.

There were lots of people milling about in Praca do Comercio. Ink and watercolour.

I happily sketched away while Crème did a little scouting for a place to get a good café com leite. I must say that’s been the only disappointment with Lisbon. The coffee is not nearly as good as it is in Burgau. Hmmm. Must be the water.

So it’s back to Burgau for us tomorrow. I’ll have to catch up with Rita in Lagos and tell her about our adventures.


  1. Glad you have had such a good time in Lisbon. The sketches are really really good! when sketching in a city there is such a lot of information to put into one sketch, and you have achieved that....ann.

  2. Thanks Ann. Yes, there is so much to absorb. I find myself trying to put less in but it's so hard. I really admire artists who can say so much with just a few simple well-placed strokes. Ah well, the fun is in the trying anyway!

  3. Hi Ruca ! You have to be one of the most talented artist/dogs I have ever met !!! ;-)It is awesome to have such a beautifullu documented version of your life through these great sketches and watercolors.
    Glad Lisbon was such a treat!1 How beautiful it is there.
    It was a pleasure to meet you through the artsee bloggers. Thanks for coming to visit me way over in New Hampshire, USA.

  4. Well Kim, thanks for dropping by and for the compliments. Right back atch! And give my hellos to Chica.

  5. Hey Ruca!
    You sure know how to handle a pen and brush for someone without thumbs. But thumbs are no big deal, are they? After all, dogs don't need them to eat perceves or even hitchhike.

  6. glad you like Lisbon. it's been a while that I visited, but I loved Lisbon. the food is amazing. I may have liked Porto a tiny bit better. I wonder if that had anything to do with the port wine tho :)

  7. SamArtDog, you're right. We dogs can do a lot without thumbs. Your nose paintings are proof of that!

  8. Petra, I haven't been to Porto but I hope to catch a ride there someday. I have had port though. It seems to make me silly.

  9. Thanks so much for changing your photos on artsee bloggers - love the journaling photo!

  10. I love your sketch of Praca do Comercio..

    Vancouver Canada


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