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Saturday, July 9, 2011

nose to the ground

I’ve noticed over at Artist’s Journal Workshop Facebook group that I'm not the only one who likes to draw bugs. People seem to as well. Here’s a page from my journal.

You might not be able to read the text because I try to keep the size of images here fairly small so that the page loads faster. Here’s what I wrote on the page:

“I can’t get over how much more I appreciate things now that I take the time to draw or document them. I look at things more often and more closely. I mean really look. Slowly. It has to be slowly, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to draw. I’m still working on my eye-paw coordination. When my paws get tired I use my mouth to hold the pen, but I find that even harder because I can’t focus on the paper very well when it’s so close to my eyes.

I love the way the sunlight hits this yellow wall. I feel warm and sleepy just looking at it.

I’d never really looked at bugs so closely before. What strange creatures they are. What are they thinking as they scurry along in the dirt, climbing over enormous (at least enormous to them) twigs and leaves? Do they fear massive wind storms when I put my nose close to them to smell their iridescent colours?”

Here's what I see when I put my nose close to the ground.
Are you bug-eyed?
Do these bug you?

How close do you get to the things you draw?


  1. Totally following your blog now. Your bugs are so cute and you make them approachable... my bug that I did is kind of pathetic. LOL

    I'll work on it~ *wink*

    Oh.. to get rid of verification, it's in settings on your blog. It's on the Settings/comments tab in the older version of the blogger control panels. The new screens don't have it, so you'd have to switch back to turn off the verification on comments.

  2. I don't like bugs... Riley does though! She caught a fly that was in our house driving us nuts the other day. Unfortunately (well, fortunately for the fly) she didn't kill it, just stunned it for a few minutes I guess and it got up and flew off again after about 5 minutes. Oh well.

    Anyway, beautiful drawings (even if they are of bugs! Haha!). We always love seeing your sketches!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. I love bugs, the closer you get the more beautiful they become...

  4. Thanks Tee. I think I've fixed it.

    Elyse, I'm sure Riley is like most of us. We never mean to kill the critters that we play with, but sometimes our excitement gets the better of us and ... oops. We're just trying to have fun.

    Petra,that's so true!

  5. Great beetles! I love your shadows under the bugs, really makes them pop up from the page. It also makes me want to find a bug model to draw today, they are so interesting.

  6. Great BUGS! And thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my Free Mail art. Since I felt like a dog when I was doing them, does that make me part of your family? ;o)

  7. Thanks Suzanne. I actually had a bit of trouble with the shadows. I wanted to exaggerate them a bit to make the bugs jump off the page but since I didn't have strong shadows to follow I had to try to figure it out logically and ... well ... I'm a dog so perhaps I shouldn't think too much. It doesn't always work in my favour.
    0 0

  8. MrCachet, glad you like the bugs. And if you want to be part of the dog family, we always welcome sensitive and clever souls, which undoubtedly you are!

  9. Fantastic bugs! You're so right about looking at things s-l-o-w-l-y to really see them.

  10. Love your work!!! Thanks for linking into artsee bloggers

  11. Thanks for stopping by Geri and thanks for all the work on your site.


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