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Thursday, May 5, 2011

doggy dental dilemmas

In general, we dogs in Portugal seem to have a lot of teeth problems. That is, we have a lot of teeth (which can be a problem), and we have a lot of problems related to teeth. You can see it in many of my friends. I also know of a few cases of weirdly oversized teeth.
Fango, a friend of mine in Lagos, has pretty funny oversized teeth.

Take a closer look at those chompers!

I couldn't resist doing a sketch of Fango. I hope I captured his regal demeanor.

Underbites are quite common. Crooked teeth are as well. Both of these dental dilemmas run in my family. 
I prefer to think of myself as toothsome rather than toothy.
You can see from the photo that my teeth, while somewhat jumbled, are healthy and white. My secret weapon against dental disaster is raw carrots. It’s hard to get good and crisp fresh carrots though. They don't usually end up in restaurant garbage which is usually one of the best places to find good food. I know of a couple of places I can dig them up, but it’s only at certain times of year that I can find them. Hmmm. All this talk about carrots has given me a craving. I'm off to do some digging!



  1. I like your suggestion about dental carrots. My sweet, beloved old doggie just had a few teeth removed (went in for a cleaning, and came out with a few fewer teeth!). I am being vigilant about the remaining teeth. I admire your portraits, and thanks for your kind comment on my blog post "Big Guys, little dogs."

  2. Hey there Elizabeth Rose, thanks for stopping by and thanks too for the compliment on my portraits.

    Yeah, carrots seem to do the trick for me. I also know a dog who used carrots to help her quit smoking. (Why she ever started smoking is puzzling.) She just kept a carrot drooping out of her mouth for the better part of about three weeks. Whenever she felt the need for a smoke, she nibbled on the carrot. I think I have a sketch of her somewhere. I'll try to dig it up and post it sometime.


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