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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Houdini hound

Hey there. This is just a quick post to tell you about an article I read the other day. It’s about a German Shepherd who managed to break out of a veterinary office where he had been locked up so that he could be treated with intravenous antibiotics. I imagine being locked up for days made him feel  a little like this dog in the photo.

Is this what road rage is?
Nothing like a little anger to get the adrenalin flowing and the synapses firing.

His cagey uncaging got me to thinking maybe I could hire him to rescue the down and out drunk dog I spoke about in my last post. The only problem is that the German Shepherd is in America and I’m not sure how he would get over here to Portugal. Maybe someone reading this knows of an equally ingenious and dexterous dog closer to home. Let me know. I can make payment in several currencies including pork ribs, chicken feet, and guided tours (with personal introductions to the chefs) of the back doors to restaurants in Burgau.

You can read the full story of the cunning canine here.


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