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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yes, I'm an artist, but I'm a dog first!

The art exhibit on Saturday night at No9 Tasca Bar was a treat. I had been worried about sneaking in, but as it turned out no one really paid any attention to me. I kind of hung around outside until the music started then I slipped in unnoticed. By this time people were pretty focused on the music and I was able to get a close look at the paintings. This one is my favourite.
"Exodus" by Michael Fuller, acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 60cm

His ability to capture a person’s face is obviously much more advanced than mine as you can see from these sketches I did of some of the people there that night.
jam session sketches at No9

I guess it makes sense. I feel comfortable doing sketches and paintings of dogs because I relate to them, I’m one of them. Sometimes when I’m painting a dog I actually feel like I AM that dog. I’m guessing it might be the same for Michael when he paints people. I think you actually have to feel your subject’s emotion to get it down on paper. Hmmm. Wait a minute. How does that work then if I’m painting a cup of coffee or a car? Do I feel like a cup of coffee? Or a car? How does a car feel? Oh, now I’m confused.

Okay, so the art was good, but the tiny bits of food dropped on the floor were even better!  Bacalhau a bras, sweet potatoes fritas em azeite, Galician octopus, Marcella … I was in heaven! Yes, I’m an artist, but I’m a dog first. Food rules!


  1. Ruca,
    Perhaps it's because dogs are very sensitive and and responsive to submission (pack psychology), but I have to say you are too quick to judge your ability to draw human form and facial expressions. In my opinion your Jam Session No9 drawing is very powerful. Yes, Michael's painting capture a likeness of some kind, but your drawings are whimsical and vibrant, fitting for the energy of a Jam Session. I personally respond to them more richly than to the painting.

    I don't know that drawing a coffee cup makes me feel like a cup, but it certainly enhances my relationship with it; perhaps it's the same for a dog.

  2. Well thanks for the encouragement Tango. I get the sense that you have a close relationship to dogs, no? And I agree that by drawing something you enhance your relationship with it. I certainly appreciate things more once I've drawn them. As for how drawing a coffee cup makes me feel, it makes me feel like having a coffee. And when I do, I appreciate it more. But I'm also drawing it because I have an initial appreciation for it. Is this becoming a circular thesis?

  3. Hey Ruca,

    Awesome that you got to go to the art show!! Riley would have loved to have gone to the art show that my painting was in earlier this month!

    Elyse and Riley

  4. I just checked your blog to see your painting. I'd somehow missed the post earlier. Great stuff! You should post more for us to see. And maybe you could encourage Riley to dip his paws in a little paint now and then?

  5. You are very talented - and the premise for this blog is creative, indeed! So glad to have found you through Pets Blogroll. Please check us out if you get a chance: http://arwenspack.blogspot.com/

  6. Thanks for the props for my chops. Hey Arwen (and Arwen's person), I just checked out your blog and it sounds like you've got a pretty cushy life. I say if they offer you ice cream and Guinness, take it. You only live once (as opposed to cats who live nine times). Very cool bone voodoo dolls too. I think I'd have trouble trying not to chew them to smithereens before I got the doll made.

  7. I think it's great that no one noticed a dog sketching in the corner. You are some sly dog! People don't usually see me sketching either. Love all the different expressions of the people you sketched. You really captured the atmosphere of the party I think. I can tell your tail was wagging! I think Michael's paintings are quite good and very interesting but I especially love the dog you added to the canvas!!! It is so well done.

  8. Thanks for the lovely compliments Dan! As for not being noticed, I find that as long as I stay out of the way and don't poop on the floor I can get away with pretty much anything. It's kind of a good mantra for anyone I think.

  9. NOT pooping on the floor. Good advice. I'll try that.
    I like your sketch. I've always been drawn to quick, fluid line drawings. I prefer things that aren't perfect but alive (just like us).
    I've been posting a lot about doodles. You should check it out. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

  10. Hey thanks Jeanne. I'm with you on that. I think the less perfect sketch allows the viewer to see the process of the drawing, kind of like drawing vicariously. I've checked out your doodles and they're cool. I've left some foodle for thought on your blog.


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